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No Pain by Ganga

Breaking the conventional barriers of the tattoo industry

Large tattoos done without pain.
Four sessions now all in one.

No Pain by Ganga is the first of its kind to break the
conventional barriers of traditional tattooing.

Pain has been associated with tattoos since the industry was born. Historically, larger-scale pieces required multiple sessions over several weeks in order to avoid an uncomfortable client experience.

No Pain by Ganga is a revolutionary method developed to create tattoos with no size or placement limits and virtually no pain.

Under the care of qualified medical facility personnel, No Pain by Ganga clients undergo anesthesia that is specifically prepared for this unique type of work environment. Our team works on large surfaces of the body for extended periods of time and we often have multiple artists working at the same time. Our clients are able to leave their session with incredible large-scale tattoos done in just a few hours with no pain at all.

We are committed to consistently improving the experience of our tattoo clients and No Pain by Ganga is an important advancement for the tattoo industry, paving the way for future innovations.

Tattoos completed in a single session
No Pain by Ganga

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