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Artist from Venezuela Specializing in Black and Grey and Color Realism

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Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, Alejandro is a tattoo artist with a specialization in black and gray realism as well as color glitch tattoos. With a deep understanding of traditional tattoo techniques, Alejandro has also ventured into the avant-garde realm of color glitch art, blending these disparate worlds into an exciting and visually arresting form of personal expression.

In the realm of black and gray realism, Alejandro is known for his impeccable shading, intricate detailing, and the emotional depth of his work. His ability to create tattoos that closely resemble real-life images has made him a go-to artist for those seeking this classic style.

Alejandro’s work in these two styles has gained attention, earning him a growing following both locally and internationally. His commitment to artistic excellence continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of tattoo artistry.

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