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Artist from Spain Specializing in Neotraditional Tattoos

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Originally from Spain, Fede Almanzor has built a reputation as a master of neotraditional tattoos and currently serves as a resident artist at the esteemed Ganga Tattoo studio in Los Angeles. Fede’s work uniquely marries the time-honored techniques of traditional tattooing with modern concepts and color palettes, breathing fresh life into the neotraditional genre.

Within the walls of Ganga Tattoo, Fede has carved out a space where old-world craftsmanship meets contemporary vision. Clients flock to the studio not just for Fede’s technical skill, but also for the imaginative flair that each of their designs embodies. Utilizing a vivid range of colors alongside intricate line work, Fede captures the essence of subjects ranging from nature to mythology with both precision and poetic nuance.

Having made the transatlantic move from Spain to Los Angeles, Fede Almanzor’s artistry is a harmonious blend of their cultural roots and the dynamic influences of their current home city. This duality is evident in every tattoo, making each piece a standalone work of art that captures attention and tells a compelling story.

As a resident artist at one of Los Angeles’s premier tattoo studios, Fede continues to expand the possibilities of what neotraditional tattoos can be, pushing both their own creative boundaries and those of the genre at large.

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