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Johan Castillo

Artist From Venezuela Specializing in Realism and Surrealism

Johan Castillo did his first tattoo in 2014 in Caracas, Venezuela at the age of 22 years old. Johan, a loyal lover of urban art, split his time between graffiti, fencing, and graphic design.

In August 2015, he decided to become a tattoo artist, during these first years he worked with several studios where he met great artists that would help him on his development as an artist. In the last three years @johanartss has been dedicated to one of the best studios in his country.

This studio is known as @loyaltytattoo studio where he has the honor to meet artists like Roberto Carlos and Emerson Pabon. Throughout these years, he has proved that he is a very talented artist doing the styles that he loves: black and gray realism,color realism, comic or anime, neo traditional, graffiti realism and also pop art.

However, he likes to combine more than one style on his designs. One of his goals is to travel around the world to make his technique as nice as possible.

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