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Artist from Brazil Specializing in Portraits

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Thieres, originally from Brazil, is a highly regarded tattoo artist specializing in black and gray portraits. Known for capturing the intricate subtleties of human emotion and likeness, Thieres transforms skin into canvas with a level of detail that is both striking and nuanced. Each portrait he creates is a masterful balance of light and shadow, offering a sense of depth and realism that is hard to achieve in this medium.

Thieres’s Brazilian background influences his art in subtle yet impactful ways, often infusing his work with cultural symbols and narratives that add layers of meaning to each piece. Whether working on a tribute to a historical figure or a lifelike rendering of a client’s loved one, Thieres’s skill in capturing the essence of his subjects sets him apart in the field of black and gray portraiture.

With a growing reputation both locally and internationally, Thieres continues to push the envelope in his specialized genre, setting a high bar for what can be achieved in the realm of black and gray portrait tattoos.

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