A creative Studio based in LA

The design of the space in a circular shape and the dome that rises imposingly over the entire work surface, represent the conceptual and artistic style of the Ganga Tattoo brand.

GANGA TATTOO Los Angeles has clear goals: Materialize the inspiration of our artists and clients, offer the best client experience and establish quality and improvement as main values.

Ganga Tattoo Studio brings together several of the best tattooists on the planet, including the CEO and founder of the brand Joaquín Ganga, who occupies the main chair of the circle. The studio’s location is on Santa Monica Blvd, one of the main West Hollywood avenues, a prime location in Los Angeles.

GANGA TATTOO LOS ANGELES clients live a unique experience that breaks with the traditional concept of tattoo studios, and obtain an unmatched result in terms of quality and professionalism.

(+1) 323-499-5946 / appt@gangatattoo.com

Ganga Studio Based in LA

Our All-Star Team

Our team of tattoo artists are among the best in the world.

Each of them has come from different parts of the planet with an unmatched style and excellent quality in their work. It is a privilege to have your art under the dome of Ganga tattoo Studio.

Joaquin Ganga

CEO and Founder

Alejandro Ruiz

Resident Tattoo Artist

Laura Anunnaki

Resident Tattoo Artist

Nastasya Naboka

Executive Producer

Johan Castillo

Resident Tattoo Artist


Resident Tattoo Artist


Resident Tattoo Artist


Resident Tattoo Artist

fine line tattoo los angeles

fine line tattoo los angeles