Award Winning Tattoo Artists in Los Angeles


Albert Quintero

Black & Gray Realism | Cover-Ups

Albert Quintero is a skilled tattoo artist from Acarigua, Venezuela, with a career spanning 7 years. He began his career by tattooing his own mother and has since developed a reputation for his unique style of black and white dark realism with shading. Albert’s dedication to his craft has allowed him to establish himself as a respected artist in the tattoo community.


Alejandro Ruiz

Black & Gray Realism | Cover-Ups

Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, Alejandro is a tattoo artist with a specialization in black and gray realism. Alejandro is known for his impeccable shading, intricate detailing, and the emotional depth of his work. His ability to create tattoos that closely resemble real-life images has made him a go-to artist for those seeking this classic style.



Black & Gray Portraits

Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. Andrea has always been interested in many forms of body art: tattoos, beauty makeup, fx makeup, as well as sketching and drawing. After she graduated from college she decided to become a tattoo artist and started doing cosmetic tattoos, then she started doing black and grey realism, which is the style she likes the most. She specializes in black and grey portraits.

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Alex Bruz

Color Realism | Black & Gray Realism

Alex Bruz is an artist from Venezuela specializing in color realism and black & gray realism.

ganga tattoo


Black & Gray Realism | Cover-Ups

BK is a 17 year veteran tattoo artist from Seoul, Korea specializing in black & gray realism and black & gray portraits.



Color Portraits

Ellyn is a globally recognized artist from Korea specializing in color realism portraits.




Originally from Spain, Fede Almanzor has built a reputation as a master of neotraditional tattoos. Fede’s work uniquely marries the time-honored techniques of traditional tattooing with modern concepts and color palettes, breathing fresh life into the neotraditional genre. Clients choose Fede’ not only for his world-class technical skill, but also for the imaginative flair that each of his designs embodies. Utilizing a vivid range of colors alongside intricate line work, Fede captures the essence of subjects with both precision and poetic nuance.



Abstract Microrealism

Ferunda, a tattoo artist originally from Mexico, has gained recognition for his expertise in the highly specialized field of abstract microrealism. With a focus on sacred geometry, linework and bold lettering, Ferunda’s work in microrealism showcases a remarkable ability to capture life-like images on a miniature scale. Ferunda has become a sought-after artist in the field of microrealism. The work continually pushes the boundaries of what is possible in tattoo artistry, offering clients the chance to wear tiny masterpieces that defy the limitations of size and scale.

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Gregory Juarez

Black & Gray Realism

Gregory is a Venezuelan artist specializing in black & gray realism.


Johan Castillo

Color Realism

Johan Castillo did his first tattoo in 2014 in Caracas, Venezuela at the age of 22 years old. A lover of urban art, he splits his time between tattooing, graffiti, and graphic design. He specializes in color realism, comic and anime, graffiti realism and pop art.

Portrait of Tattoo Artist Kirin


Black & Gray Realism

Kirin is an artist from Korea specializing in black & gray realism.

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Black & Gray Realism

Leonova is an artist from Ukraine specializing in Black & Gray Realism.



Black & Gray Animal Portraits

Leonova is an artist from Ukraine specializing in Black & Gray Realism.

Portrait of Tattoo Artist Lola Bueno


Black & Gray Realism

Lola is an artist from Spain specializing in Black & Gray Realism.

Portrait of Los Angeles Tattoo Artist Oleksander Moroz



Moroz is an artist from Ukraine specializing in microrealism tattoos

NeNe Tattoo Artist


Black & Gray Realism

NeNe is an artist from Los Angeles specializing in black & gray realism.



Microrealism | Fineline | Lettering

Parse specializes in microrealism, fineline, and lettering tattoos.



Black & Gray Realism

Suan is an artist from Ukraine specializing in black & gray realism.



Black & Gray Realism | Black & Gray Portraits

Toni Garcia, a tattoo artist from Spain, has carved out a niche as a specialist in black and gray realism. With a focus on lifelike detail and intricate shading, Toni’s work has the rare ability to evoke emotion and narrative in the monochromatic medium. Whether crafting an intricately detailed animal figure or a breathtaking landscape, each piece is a meticulous balance of light and shadow that brings a hyper-realistic dimension to the art.



Blurry | Fineline

Yatzil Elizalde is a renowned tattoo artist and painter from Hermosillo, Sonora, México, known for her distinctive and innovative blurred style of tattooing. Her artistic talent has led her to work in some of the most prestigious tattoo studios in the industry, and she has tattooed some of the
world’s most famous people. Yatzil’s passion for art began in childhood, and her commitment to her craft has made her a respected figure in the world of tattooing.

Tattoo Artists Los Angeles

Tattoo Artists Los Angeles