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Alejandro Ruiz

Artist from Venezuela Specialist in realism.

From an early age I was drawn to art and curious about the art of tattoos.
Being born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela I attended college there for
chemical engineering. There, I formulated some cosmetic products for
tattooing in the university labs.
Later on, with my wife Andrea Ramirez, we founded a small company that
formulated and sold those products. After a while of creating products, we
decided this career path wasn’t what was destined for us. My interest in the
art of tattooing grew as I found myself surrounded by it. In the summer of
2016 I decided to follow our passion and start my journey as a tattoo artist.
Early in my career, I started working in Elite Tattoo Studio in Caracas,
Venezuela, where I first learned my techniques with incredible artists. Since
then, I’ve attended many conventions locally, in South America and Europe.
After solidifying my foundation of techniques for tattooing I decided to make
the move to the USA and work alongside world-class artists.
My goal is to give my clients the most creative, highly detailed tattoos that
will flow with their anatomy, ensure the tattoo will age properly with the client
in time, and most of all satisfy the client’s desires with my work.

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