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Artist From Korea Specialist in black and gray/ geometric

Hello my name is Ogi.

I was born in Korea and I am 26 years old. It’s been 5 years since I do tattoo.
I specialize in black and gray tattoos, and recently I am pursuing to create a tattoo that combines black and gray and photography that combines various geometries such as dots and lines etc…
Personally, I feel that the most aesthetically beautiful tattoo rides the flow of each individual’s muscle shape well, and I feel that the tattoo placed is the most beautiful. In particular, these tattoos are sexy and give me the aesthetic effect of wearing clothing from a high-end brand.

In order to create this style of design, I want to see and learn a lot of the work of tattooists who have tattoos of a similar style to mine. We want to get inspiration from various perspectives such as graphic and layout design.

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